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Sporting Excursions

Seaplane Flight

Prices : From $460 per person, taxes included

We propose 5 rates of Sporting Excursions :

- Flight and snowmobile

Get away in a ski-plane to the Pourvoirie du Lac Blanc and travel on by snowmobile to dine in a century-old log-cabin in a secluded forest retreat;

Level: Beginner

- Flight and canoeing

Enjoy a mythical Canadian experience. Our seaplane will take you to the start of your journey at the water drop, with your canoe attached to the side of the aircraft. Imagine flying upstream at low altitude, following the river’s winding course until you arrive at the start of a memorable day of canoeing. We give all equipment for a perfect night on the lake beach.

Level: Beginner or intermediate, ideal for families or couples.

- Excursion by quad or motocross

A getaway by seaplane to the Pourvoirie du Lac Blanc followed by an excursion on a Side-by-Side Quad or a 90-km run right around Lac Sacacomie on a KTM motorcycle. With some flat travelling mixed with technical riding, water crossings and beaver dams to circumvent, it’s one memorable day out;

Level: Beginner for the Quad Side-by-Side; Advanced for the motocross

- Flight and Jetski

A getaway by seaplane to the boat launch; getting started with professional instructors and go up the river for 90 km, exploring each part of this historic river; coffee or tea break, picnic en route et go back by seaplane, following the river as a snake to the waterbase or your lodge; a great day!

Level : Easy

- Flight and Icedriving

Get away in a ski-plane to the Sacacomie lodge and have the fun of drifting on the frozen lake; You will learn with a professional instructor; Take off from Trois-Rivières in the morning and go back end of afternoon; Enjoy a full day at Sacacomie lodge.

Level: Beginner "Discovery package"